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 Call From the Dead

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PostSubject: Call From the Dead   Call From the Dead Empty6/18/2010, 2:59 pm

By Author Des/Ves

Apology in advance: Some of the historical stuff may be a bit off, I’m not an expert.
Call From the Dead
December 1949
On 3rd December 1949 british secret service agent working in the newly formed German Democratic Republic, East Germany was found dead at the border. There were wounds in his neck and the body had been drained of blood. A report was filed at the scene and sent to the British secret service headquarters in Cambridge Circus, London. After some deliberation two agents were called into the directors office for briefing prior to being sent out to investigate.
Director of the British secret service. (Des)
2 british agents to be sent out
Eva Guntram, an advisor for the British secret service. (Des)
British agents already on the scene.
East German and Soviet agents.
Vampires on various sides.
Please write dialogue in the correct colour so we know which bits our characters can understand.

All posts must be at least 3 sentences long. Preferably more.
No illusions, instant healing or teleportation.

Thank you for reading

- Vulnerable to sunlight. It weakens them and kills younger ones
- Faster and stronger than humans
- Their powers depend on drinking human blood, regeneration and long life are included in these powers.
- However they can survive on animal blood if they have to... not sustainable in the long term (see above)
- Vampires can heal quickly from most injuries
- Wounds inflicted with silver weapons take longer to heal
- Vampires can be killed by beheading, burning, draining of blood or a wooden stake through the heart
- Religion and garlic have no effect on them

The Moscow Rules

1. Assume nothing.
2. Never go against your gut.
3. Everyone is potentially under opposition control.
4. Don't look back; you are never completely alone.
5. Go with the flow, blend in.
6. Vary your pattern and stay within your cover.
7. Lull them into a sense of complacency.
8. Don't harass the opposition.
9. Pick the time and place for action.
10. Keep your options open.
11. Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action.
12. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong
13. Technology will always let you down.

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RPH Master Of her Own Language.

Gender : Female
Posts : 1455
Join date : 2009-12-08
Location : To the shadows, to the sea, what is left but only the shell of me...

Call From the Dead Empty
PostSubject: Re: Call From the Dead   Call From the Dead Empty6/18/2010, 3:11 pm


Name: Ms Eva Guntram (Previously Mrs Eva Starr and Miss Eva Dunajski, code name Lis, meaning fox in polish)
Age: 28
Born: 3rd January 1921 in Dresden, Germany
Nationality: British, born German
Languages: German, Polish, English, Russian
Role: British Secret Service Advisor on the Supernatural
Appearance: Call From the Dead Eva-green-vesper-lynd

Her father was a tailor who had emigrated from Poland in 1904 and her mother was german. Her mother died when she was 13 and she dropped out of school to help her father run their tailors shop. Her father died 2 years later and the business folded.
When she was 16 she married Dieter Guntram, a german doctor of mixed blood. From him she learnt a little of medicine and science and a lot about Marx.
When Eva was 20 Dieter was arrested by the Gestapo, accused of being a communist and a Soviet spy. The Commissioner who caught him was Victor Frey a vampire working with the Nazi Party. During a brief period of captivity at Frey's hands Eva saw enough to challenge her view of the world. Dieter was shot after 2 months and Eva narrowly escaped with her life, fleeing to England.
Once in England Eva’s experiences attracted the interest of doctor Charles Starr, a scientist working for the British secret service. He was looking into the activity of Vampires on the continent. Eva became his assistant of sorts and they married when Eva was 22. 3 years later Eva discovered that Charles had been unfaithful and sued for divorce. After this she returned to using the name Eva Guntram.
A year later Charles died in a train accident near Paris while traveling on business for the british government. The Service was left without anyone to turn to on supernatural matters until 4 months later Eva stepped up and offered to fill the gap.
The director was initially dubious about taking her on - what with her past membership of the Communist Party, her polish background and her Trotskyism, but she was the only person available with the required expertise and experience. She has been working for the service for over 2 years now. Her nick name around the Circus is Liz Trot. (Liz from Lis, Trot from Trotsky)
Eva is not a very talkative individual, she is often very mistrustful of others and especially men, the latter comes from her experience of betrail by her second husband. She has a clinical, logical approach to her studies and rarely lets her emotions show. She does not often mention her political views but it is known that she has sympathies for Communism; in fact she is a Marxist feminist. Eva does not make friends easily and leads a rather solitary life style.
She speaks 4 languages fluently, has a working knowledge of medicine and other sciences. She is good with a pistol and other firearms.


True name(not known):Vlad Tepes
Current name:Vladimir Grigorovich Rasputin
Age:24 (627)
Born:Estonia 1322
Role:Russian agent,vampire
Appearance: A scar on his left cheek
Call From the Dead 302_suit

Biography:Although he was born in Estonia he spent most of his younger life (till the age of 13) on the court of a Hungarian noble,there he learned latin as well as hungarian and all the basic fighting skills and swordsmanship.Not much is known until he joined the Wallachian army in a few skrimishes against the Ottoman empire.It is still open to specualtions who turned him and when,after turning he joined as a Boyar of the Muscovite princes and reamined in Russia until the 18th when he joined a mercenary band....Afterwards all traces about his whereabouts are lost,though the only thing known is that he fought in both world wars and in the Russian revolution,though he started as the backer of the Romanovs and as an officer in the White army.He escaped all accusations and joined the Nkvd which would later become the most powerful inteligence agency in pre-war Russia.He is now one of the most verstaile and skilled agents and is currently forced to team up with a group of western agents in this investigation.

Personality:Although he is not a snob,he still enjoys in buying expensive but comfortable things.Living thorugh this 600 years must have been hell but he is still calm,collected and rational.Being quite cheerfull for a time can often result badly as many have noted his sarcastic sense of humour.

Skills:Quite skilled in many martial arts and the handling of weapons,he has knowledge of many languages and a sharp-witted inteligence.Manipulation,pathfinding,dissapearing, persausion,assassination


Name: Miss Adriane Conradina Freda [Adriane means dark, Conradina means brave, Freda means peaceful ruler] [Adel is codename, meaning noble. Also, because it is a males name so they hope a female isn't suspected to belong to it.]
Age: 25 [99]
Born: January 25th, 1850
Nationality:Currently residing in Russia, born and loyal to Germany [Currently favors West Germany, the only thing she hates more than her country split is the ones who built the wall to oficially split it. The Russians. Thought she doesn't attack the East Berlin wall patrol, [her home is in West Berlin], as she owes them for ending Hitler's reign over her loved country.]
Languages: German, English, Russian
Role: German Vampire Spy
Appearance: Call From the Dead 645567902
Blond hair + Blue eyes

Growing up in Germany in what was at the time middle class family was perfectly fine with Adriane, who's father served in the German army. She was changed in 1875, after leaving a play, she doesn't know who did it, why they did, or what became of them, she has no memory of that night aside from walking down the darkened sidewalk on the way to her carriage. Then everything went dark, she woke up with one of her favorite dresses ruined by her blood, and had a new sense for everything. If it hadn't been for a vampire she ran into that could sense what she was, she probably would have slaughtered her whole family from not knowing how to quench the thirst and then losing control when it got unbearable. She left her old life and went to the government with the man that helped her, taking her belongings and making her room look as thought it had been robbed, and also taking her white Stallion [Blitzschnell I] and going to serve her country in the most top secret of ways. Her most preferred way of travel is by horse, and she currently rides Blitzschnell III. The man who found her died in a battle in 1927.
She loves the glamourous life [had a custom made Chanel mock/stereotypical spy suit just for the humor and beauty of it, and has never worn it, not once, she'd be killed instantly in battle, as you can barely move in it]. If you are not German or allied with her, she can and probably will use you for what she wants. She is very spontaneous, yet at the same time, a very strategic planner.
Strong, a good fighter, and she is nicknamed 'The Shadow' by an American group for her excellent evasive maneuvers, because that is all you will ever see of her if she wants. She has a knack for knowing when to leave before something gets too bad for her to escape if a mission goes bad.


Name: Akina[Bond/Autumn Greens/Light Green] Devina
Original name: Devika [Minor Diety] Devina [Resembling a Goddess]
Age: atleast 17
Born: 1403
Nationality: American Cheerokee
Languages: French, German, English,
Cheerokee Native Tounge
Role: Vampire of Various side

Call From the Dead Sun_and_Moon_by_Ugly_baka_girl-1-1

Biography: Akina origianl name form birth was Devina she was a sweet girl. She resented how things would always be so seirous she would have dreams + visions of things that would happen. She would tell her father about her dreams he didn't always believe them. but se would sy that the spirits woudl tlak to her as did the animals where ever she would go animals would follow mainly sparrows an wolves sometimes foxes. A man have came to their village he was a indian as well or looked to be. tryed to warn her father about him an not let him enter the village. she also hid from sight an woudln't allow for the person to see her. Devina was a only child an was the daughter of the cheif, her mother was ill so she took care fo the hut. the visitor heard of her mother being ill an offereed her a deal. In exchange for her mothers health she woudl have ot leave with him. Devina had told her father he was against it as much as he wanted his wife to be healthy he wouldn't risk losing his daughter told the man to leave. in the mornign devina had gone leaving al etter to her father the man had cured her mother an she had left an gave thme a warning ot leave the area was they were goingot be attacked. last ever heard of from her. The man she now lived with had made her his.
As 10yrs had passed she foudn her family an they were lucky to still eb fine an alive. but they saw thier daughter hadn't aged as they had. She looked the same except for her ears being similar to a foxes so peopel of hervillaged would call her."mesquakie"- fox or "Pequot" - Fox People/person Or Destroyers or "Choula" - Fox. she only stayed ath er tribe as her peopel were wary of her an her changes. didn't want anythig to happen as she leftb ack with her lover over the yrs they had thier name changed. her name now Akina Devina she had learned what she was an what her partner Jacques Van Curen had done oth er. she had married they had moved over seas to europe. He was a french spy. she didn't like his job but he had also taught her whether or not she liked it an got accustomed to it. had but a simple home though his family was rich she didn't want to live that sort of style had her own home in the wild for when she wantedto get awya from jacques and his parents that didn't approve of her because she was a native american. when he disappeared she had to take over the copmany since it was in her name she was educated enough as small a company it was she kept it afloat and also had differnent ways to gain information. She harvest her own food an doesnt' shop in stores soemtiems even made her own cloths.

Personality: Laid-back, happy-go-lucky,sadist, michevious, kid at heart, imaginative, In & Extroverted, shy around new people, Kind heard, helpful,

Skills: Has Visions, Archery,Tracker skills, Ways of persuasion, Down To earth, Trickster, Manipulator, childish occasionaly,creating charms

Given the nickname Fox because of her tricks

Ex Info: even after so many yrs neverl ost her accent.

Name: Damon
Age: 345
Nationality: English/American
Languages: [finish later on]
Role: 1 of the Agent Killers
Appearance:Call From the Dead Ian-Somerhalder-cast-as-Damon-the-vCall From the Dead Damonsalvator

Biography: not much to say hates the agents and wants them dead due to a personal matrter and despiese the humans greatly
Personality: Charmer,flirter,mystery, outgoing,extroverted, coniving.
Skills: Quick Kills,Impossible Speeds,Flight,way of persuation, [rest ot be foudn out later on]

Name: Engel Wolfram
Age: 28
Nationality: German
Languages: German,English, Russian, and French
Role: East German spy
Appearance: Call From the Dead Marco
Biography:Was born to a middle class German family, his dad fought and died in WWI. After his father's death he joined the German intelligence network and became a spy. After Germany lost WWII and split up he went to East Germany. Before this he was just a highscooler. He once had a girlfriend Amalie Bumgarner. But they broke up senior year and after she became a German spy they been in competition to beat each other.
Personality: Very dedcated to his job, and rather untrusting to non Germans
Skills: an excellent fighter, and very strong, is skilled in mixed material arts

wasn't sure of which wanted ^^",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,charlie.jpg

Name: Amalie Bumgarner

Age: 27

Nationality: German

Languages: German, English, Russian, and French

Role: East German spy

Appearance: Call From the Dead Yasmeen_Ghauri_1

Biography: She was born to a wealthy family and went to a small school, where she had first met Engel Wolfram . She dated him up until they broke up senior year, she still loves him, but she had to break up with him so she could focus on becoming a German spy. She had no idea that Engel was a spy until she was at the headquarters for training and saw him. Her first mission she was paired up with him and she noticed that he kept trying to outdo her, and naturally being competitive she would always bump it up, and make it harder for him to outdo her.
Personality: She’s a very Competitive person, dedicated to her job, and is dedicated to Engel, cause she had never stopped loving him.

Skills: she’s agile, quick, very intelligent, has a photographic memory, highly trained with firearms and always hits her mark, and she’s excellent at hiding when she doesn’t want to be or can’t be found.


Name: Isaak Raekshi (meaning: the dark lord will laugh)
Age: 28 born 1921
Gender: male
Role: Soviet agent
Nationality: USSR (soviets)
Languages: German English Russian
appearance: Call From the Dead Picture

Biography: Born under soviet communism, where leaders were established through the Communist Party without opposition, Issak found himself fighting. In fact, to him, it seemed like he was fighting since early childhood.There were suspicions against his parents, both of whom were assumed to be American spies. Suspicion against them first arose when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. Being in the military department only worsened the blow. The people believed the delay in the Western Allies re-enforcements were due to their coding. This was because his parents were one of the few that translated and picked up signals of rival messages. The true fact that the delay hadn't been on their end at all but the Soviets needed a scape goat. They were killed the following year and he was raised by his father's superior,(who lost his own son in the second World War). He was taught English and German as his guardian believed that in time, it might just save his life. Isaak is a bright student though his general interests consisted of themes in torture,homicidal facts and military tatics. Perhaps one could blame the violence in his house that opened his eyes to the complexity, and it drove him esctatic. Where some children were scared, Isaak grew quiet and observed. People began to distance themselves when the severe likeness of Stalin and Hilter ideals made their way to his thoughts.His basic ideology was that the general society was an untameable force unless it was ruled with a stern force. Despite the threat Stalin posed on the Soviet Union, Isaak showed admiration for the skill and accurately documented his war tatics. It was his love for things complex, disturbing and his investigative urge that landed him a job as an agent. In 1948, when Russia closed off all highway and rail routs into West Berlin, Isaak was there. He was in West Berlin acting as a civilian in order to report any revolts directly, this was the only situation where he errored. In being the insider he also suffered with the rest of the 2.1 million residents of the city. But having that experience lead him to better interpretating those around him. It gave him an edge and residing in East Germany now, it is an edge that gives him the upper hand in most situations. Few knew of him in West Germany giving him allies and enemies. By 1949, Isaak was well employed in the secret services and was living out as a different persona under the name of Kai Bonifaz

Personality:Control-freak and a recent insominac, Isaak can't stand inferior or anyone he believes is beneath him. Critical and skeptic he doesn't believe in the word love, especially after the realization that he felt it for his parents. Parents that he was lead to believe were tratiors of his country. That sad thing is that the propaganda was spread so convincingly that even the child of their life hated their names. Isaak disowned his true family and because of this, he has trouble comprhending the family connections that he sees around him. He's cruel but cruel with a criminal's mind and a serial killer's precision. Anything he does, he does for a reason and everything he says holds a deeper meaning. If he likes you it is because you are useful at that moment. He feels no family bonds and often proves it by shattering dreams of his apprentices when each and everytime they stray. Isaak likes to be dominant and that is why he keeps even the insignificant under his watchful eyes.Yes, this is normal for a Russian. There is a Russian proverb that goes something like this. "A laugh without a reason is a sign of an idiot." Same thing for smiles. If you are happy you smile, if you are sad you frown. If nothing is going on, why would you show non-existing emotions? To exercise your face muscles? That's silly.As for public displays of affection, it's quite normal for him to be vauge. Isaak is a tough guy. Tough guys don't feel. At least in public.Normally, Isaak doesn't give a dime about society. Society is too vague to care about it. And the state is an enemy of the individual, by the way, in his mind. What's important usually is a circle of close friends and family, or it used to be until paranoia and false facts persuaded him there were few he could trust. Isaak can be very devoted to his work when he like it. If he doesn't like it he can find 1001 ways to pretend to be working without really doing anything.A true friend is usually a sacred matter. Things vary, of course, but Isaak is ready for real sacrifices for somebody he consider being a true friend. But often it must be somebody of the same sex, not that he friends easily. His words come of as sharp, blunt and insensitive but in reality it is a shield to hide other insecurities.Also while many Russians beleive in true love, Isaak has trouble with this notion.With a person of opposite sex (95% of Russain men are homophobic). In relationships he likes to dominate but actually is quite vulnerable to emotional displays.

Skillz: he is a strong persuasive talker, Is fast (from track as a young boy) and he has a knack for weaseling into important places.The only other significant thing is that he loves to pick locks and it has helped get him out of sticky situations.

Failures: Vulnerable to emotional displays of younger people, usually children can find his soft side. A growing sense of paranoia and an daunting issue of Schizophrenia. He believes at times that his shadow is planning an assassination.

Name: Silas Wyn ( friend from the forest
Age: 23 born 1926
Gender: male
Role: British agent
Nationality: U.K (Great Britian)

appearance: Call From the Dead Picture

Biography: Before the change of the society, Silas was a conventional nobody. Worked as a dealer of illegal drugs because it was the only profit that gave him sufficient funds. As a cover he worked as a pharmacist's assistant..all this to provide for the relations he called family. A mental father and an always wasted brother was all he had when the Government was unchallenged. Now with the paranoia of society and the fear of communism, he had new things to worry about. Through the gossip chain he had heard that America was turning on itself. However, it didn't seem like Britian would do the same. Yet when people began to label him communist after an illegal drug deal had gone sour (resulted in death). The public painted the picture with the victim as a matyr and Silas as the opposition.During the paranoia of these times, Silas meeked out a dull living. He was fired from his pharmacist job and left to fend for himself and family.It didn't stop there though. Because of everyone's stout belief that he was a part of a Communistic party he was removed from his family. The family was broken and beaten but had always been there. Till now. Silas was under arrest for the influence of communism but fate soon changed. During his trial the judge found that the evidence was poorly documented and was false. The case was dropped. Still he was in need of work. An opening for a new recruit in the secret agency looked hopeful. Silas applied and was denied at first. In attempt to prove his worth persuaded city police to allow him " experience hours." and in this manner he was able to solve some cases. At last with some cloaxing and restrictions, along with minor instructors to improve his foriegn languages, Silas was finally accepted as a new recruit. For now he is in Great Britain as they are warily of letting him go off -abroad..

Personality: Silas is a person that follows the path of logic and reason and doesn't mind taking command.At times he is content to be in the background if he's the one with the controls. He doesn't generally led his own social group and has a biting retailation should anyone wish for him to. Silas prefers to be a loner or will subject himself to another's company..if it is just them two. He is a serious person prefering facts over anything else and will usually and bluntly say so. His only fault is his one track mind and is known to forget things in his pursuit. Silas is generally the unforgiving sort but on the brighter side he can keep his temper in check for the most part.. People associate him with an indian viper and treat him the same. WITH CAUTION.

Skillz: From drug deals he has extensive underground knowledge and allies. He's good at blending in and gives the appearance of a native wherever he goes.

Failures: He's a bit of a pervert and wandering eyes lead him away from his mission. That and he's new so his whole method and everything is still on the faulty side.
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Call From the Dead
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