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 Taltos the New Eden

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Taltos the New Eden Empty
PostSubject: Taltos the New Eden   Taltos the New Eden Empty8/10/2010, 6:51 pm

Taltos the New Eden Temple

The people who were chosen were in seperate rooms in this temple. How they were brought there is unknown. But ea. of those chosen were placed within a deep sleep till the sun arises this morrow. The humans have no idea what they will be instore for in the world of taltos

The Goddess and the other celestial ones above look down on them. The monks that were keeping them in safe places. butthere were also the fiends who might have been there with them.

Everythin form the humans original world earth no longer on them and is gone... (Meanign their electronical devies/theres no cars either this is like the far past) Things are to the far past samurai's shoguns, archers, farmers, etc. etc.

Now their test will begin as the Soleiln Metatron Rises from the east over the great mountain...
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Taltos the New Eden
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