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 Taltos the New Eden

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PostSubject: Taltos the New Eden   8/8/2010, 2:04 am

The 4 Legendary Cardinal Gods had founded the world of Talto's. As the original earth having been destroyed the great gods rage at how its children [human. etc. etc.] had been behaving. The Great Celestial one could take no more of it. Yet the 4.
Dragon; (Ryu 龍>EAST<
Red Phoenix; Suzaku 朱雀 >SOUTH<
White Tiger; Byakko 白虎 >WEST<
Black Turtle; Genbu 玄武 >NORTH<

4 Symbols (These were the original names for the 4 above/chinese version)
Qīng Lóng, Azure dragon of the east.
Xuán Wǔ, black tortoise of the north.
Bái Hǔ, white tiger of the west.
Zhū Què, vermilion bird of the south.

4 Fiends

Hundun = Chaos
Taotie = Gluttony
Taowu = Ignorance
Qiongqi = Deviousness

:Celestia:||:The Great Celestial One:

In the time of ageless ones. The 4 cardinals. The Phoenix, Tiger, Tortoise and Dragon. They heard about the goddess Celestia decision debate about the destruction of the creatures from earth. But they had decided that they should be given a chance. The 4 had came together with a plan. Talking with the great goddess about it she had agreed to go along with it. "Dear Lady Celes, please give these little creatures a chance. If they can survive within a 3yr time span. And obey by the laws. Then you cannot destroy the land which they have now." spoke the great Tiger. His comrades about him the phoenix, tortoise + dragon. the demons + fiends had been to this meeting as well. They thought other wise. If they died this will be more souls to their side that would be low.

The demon king of confusion Pinyin had state. "Why should they be given a chance? They’ve destroyed the world that was given unto the. So what do they deserve of a chance?" He states. The demons agree people were in a conflict over this most wanted them all dead. Others had something else to say till finally. "Well if they believe that can do this...then why not...nothing that we could really ever lose. See if they don't destroy this land like they have done to their own...." Had became unanimous and a selected few would be chosen.

Metatron(The Core/Portal/Light)

(* Asterisk Means Important)
Sexual Orientation:
Species: [No Vampires/No Lycans/]
Side:[Against the Creatures or With the Creatures]
Cause: [*]

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RPH Master Of her Own Language.

Gender : Female
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Location : To the shadows, to the sea, what is left but only the shell of me...

PostSubject: Re: Taltos the New Eden   8/8/2010, 2:38 am

Untill theres enough people there will just be humans.

*Humans Like a Star @ heaven
*Allowed to be an animal but have to stay an animal through whole thing. (They can talk. no wolves/foxes their gettin too played out Avalons| Sea Creatures| Mammals| Amphibians| Reptiles|)

>>I will decide wether or not there will be furries.<<

*Need one Oracle (Gives guidance pm ur profile on the oracle)
*Gate Keeper [Temp Unavailable]
*Only Demon you can be is one of the 4 Fiends above. So 1st Come 1st served. don't like it cry me a river.
*Akkie[ogre like kappa] |Kappa [Turtle + like creature]

*No human has powers
*Furries No annoying Foxes or Wolves be Creative! No excuses!
*No Demi-God/Goddesses
*No Gods/goddesses
*No Hybrids I dont' care for any reason.[/b]

-Talking Plants
-Demi Gods/Goddesses
-Demon King of Confusion
-Lady Celestia/Celestial One [Real Form unknown]

The 10 Laws
~Similar ot that of the 10 commandments~ (I couldn't translate the rest srry ^^' )
Like a Star @ heaven No Murder
Like a Star @ heaven No Adultry [includes dating]
Like a Star @ heaven No stealing
Like a Star @ heaven Dont' mate with another species

=Demon Rules=
@ If your a demon fiend you DO NOT HELP THE HUMAN! you mess with an trick them..
@ You Do not show your true form to the humans.
@ If your a demon and joining the human group then you must never tell them your true name.
@ Never reveal you true form to unless is nessasary.
@ The 4 fiends feel no compassion or mercy.

Dark Spirits: work for the demons beware possesion

Wandering Spirits: are just lost trying to find the right path, some may play pranks that'll hurt you btu thier not as bad as the dark spirits.

Normal Spirits: spirits of the dead. + nature spirits

"Any questions or ideas PM/MSG/ me. Thank You."
Everybody will be starting at the temple I'll be setting up."

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RPH Pro Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Taltos the New Eden   8/8/2010, 9:25 am

if you choose an animal can it talk and think intelligently?
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PostSubject: Re: Taltos the New Eden   

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Taltos the New Eden
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