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 The Old Republic

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Thinks RPH is there mother
Thinks RPH is there mother

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Fauztin frowned before answering Angelus. "A day - maybe less. Searath was quite intent on converting the Padawan, and on killing me. It seems the Sith have a bit of a hatred towards me after what I did to the last Sith assassin sent to kill me," he said with a smirk. "They've named me 'Fauztin Ice Fist.' Has a nice ring to it in my opinion," he said. "But Searath can sense us. He'll know we're in Izis before too long. It might be safer to travel to Telos, or perhaps Tattooine," he suggested. He knew that Tattooine was pretty vacant, and even if the Sith anticipated that they would take refuge there, it would take considerable time to find them.
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The Old Republic
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