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 Legacy of the Immortal

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Legacy of the Immortal Empty
PostSubject: Legacy of the Immortal   Legacy of the Immortal Empty6/23/2010, 8:04 pm

After 10000 years the ethernal Taribian empire has been destroyed and its masters reduced to ashes,in its place many kingdoms,cities and fiefdoms rise but at the same time a strange evil rises in the north and threatens to consume the whole world in its darkness.The only hope rests in a few enlightend ones to rise and find the ancinet legacy of the first immortal Taribian rulers,as time is running out.What will be your role in this story?Will you save the world,or will you destroy it and rule what is left of it?This choice is yours to make.

-The era is medieval,no godlike characters...other than that have fun!! :)
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Legacy of the Immortal
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