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 Neko Testing

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PostSubject: Neko Testing   Neko Testing Empty6/18/2010, 12:29 pm


Neko Testing


(I was told I should do this one)

In the back roads of a small village, children of animal blood are being taken from their homes. This village rests quietly on a small island, so small it's not even on the map. Painful experiments are taking place on these poor children, some as young as 3. The reason that all this is happening, is that the scientist are trying to recreate an animal person that lived long ago; indestructible, strong, loyal, perfect. The animal people all died out from unknown causes.

You can be either a scientist [bad], animal person [neko], or a villager, or a scientists child, they can be good.
Villagers, scientists, and scientists children can be any species


1. NO MAJOR GODMODDING (unless you have permission and please don’t make them look stupid and please don’t destroy other characters while godmodding)
2. PLEASE try to be legible
3. PLEASE keep up with all the creatures you make
6. PLEASE no criticism of posts unless it’s constructive
7. Please no Spamming
8. Please don’t change the storyline too much
9. Romance is allowed and encouraged (PG-13)
10. Violence is allowed
11. If you need to say something about the RP put it in double parentheses ((Like this))
12. Be imaginative (it makes it more fun)
13. Be nice
15. And most important of all HAVE FUN
16. Follow the rules and there will not be any problems

for this rp it would be great if the profiles where set up like this

Role: (If neko, what species)
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RPH Master Of her Own Language.

Gender : Female
Posts : 1455
Join date : 2009-12-08
Location : To the shadows, to the sea, what is left but only the shell of me...

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PostSubject: Re: Neko Testing   Neko Testing Empty6/18/2010, 1:23 pm


Name: Yui-La
Age: 8
Role: Scientist Kid
Personality: adventours,out going, curisous about alot of things.
Bio/History: wanted to be like her father was told that those from the village not human were just mindless beast an believed them. has seenher fathers work before made her squimish sometimes. having a weak body takes medicine so wouldn't die. able to regenerate her cells, dashing speed an s trength, foresight.
Appearance: shoulder length white hair, brown skin, purple eyes, timberlands,jeans, tshirt,
Neko Testing 27_KinNeko Testing Embrelana3

Name: Yui Freei
Age: 30
Personality: cold due to a broken heart,doesn't trust people is pestimistic/optomistic.
Bio/History: had a secret affair with a scientist, but she never knew the name. was a fox she'd been keeping hidden inthe village on other side ofthe island she'd escaped once never knew who her child was si nce was taken from her by the same 1 she thought loved her. is psychi + Hexus

Appearance: Neko Testing Elemental

Name: Asura Dreyzia
Age: 32
Role: Scientist
Personality: kind sometimes,cold an could careless for others, but has some respect for certain colleages who don't tick him off.
Bio/History: la-la's father. hes cold, he never shows his face has 3 eyes. he makes his daughter watch his work so she'll take over when his time comes. he only shows some affection towards her an no other. is said that hes insane an his wife was a neko an now his daughter was 1 as well. due to the past he was once with a fox woman thought outlawed she had purple eyes. made her take medicine for unknown reasons.
Appearance:Neko Testing Pbucket

Xavier Treist: PG:

Name: Xavier Triest
Age: 10
Role: Test Subject/Pet
Personality: out going, rebel, harded, doesn't listen to people often even his own kind
Bio/History: young lion was taken from his parents, now taken in the facility for testing become a pet or worse. wants out. doesn't like humans after what happened to his big brother an mother. ahs the ability to shift an change his age at will but stays as a kid since is more freedom. cna only shift into other felines. is often mistaken for being a fox because of his tail an not being able to roar which makes him self consious when its brought up.

Appearance: Neko Testing Chibi_Naruto

Older form
Neko Testing Nekodemon
Name:Gabriel Gray
Age: 23
Role: Son of one of the scientists
Personality: intelligent, belives in what his father is doing
BIO: was always the one to defend his father research from the other kids and villagers helps around the lab sometimes
Appearance: [img][/o,g]

Name:Warren Sammen
Age: 35
role: one of the two heads of the government department
Bio/history: unknown
Appearance: Neko Testing 77978_512x288_generated__PjWO4SL6G0msUs+TbrwK0w

Name: Charles Noirman
Age: 34
Role: one of the two heads of the government department
Bio/History: **** was raised on the streets of LA until he got government job. One day they approched him about a job headed a department that tests nekos
Apearence:Neko Testing Font>

Name: Caden (means fighter)
Age: 20
Role: neko, panther
Personality: She treats others the way they treat her, usually kind, loving, and she always fights for what she wants.
Bio: all that she remembers from her past is that she’s married, to Matty, and is expecting her first child, and that these monsters that call themselves scientists kidnapped her and Matty a couple of days ago. She plans to escape from the scientists she has tried once before and came close but was captured when the scientists shot her and Matty with a tranquilizer gun, which is what messed up her memory of her past.
Appearance: Neko Testing NekoGirl3

Name: Matty (means strong fighter)
Age: 21
Role: neko, panther
Personality: He would do anything for Caden, he’ll fight for who and what he wants
Bio: He had just learned that Caden was expecting his child, when he saw the so called scientists tranquilize Caden and put a sack over her head, he became infuriated and attacked them and he too was tranquilized and captured.
Appearance: [Wasn't visible in forum]

Name: Ady (means noble, kind)
Age: 21
Role: Scientists kid, that ‘kills’ the failed experiments
Personality: Sympathetic, kind, hates to see others in pain
Bio/History: Her father has worked many years doing terrible things to the neko’s, it has always disgusted her. Seeing as she refused to experiment on the creatures her father put her in charge of killing off the failed experiments. Without her father’s or anyone else’s knowledge, she would heal them back to full health, using her powers, and take them somewhere safe to live out the rest of their lives.
Appearance: [couldn't find it ^^"]

Name: Aden
Age: newborn
Role: neko, panther
Personality: too young
Bio/History: born in a lab
Appearance: like any other baby with long curly black hair


Name: Cain Guntram
Age: 29
Role: Scientist

Personality: Breaking point insanity. He loves seeing things in pain. Kittens, puppies...children. He can't get enough. He claims its the love of knowledge, the desire to do more for the name of science. In truth it's for his own twisted pleasures. He loves talking to people so long as they have something interesting to say. He doesn't hesitate and he doesn't care. Everything is thought through a twisted logical path that makes sense to only him. Cain if you just met him, would appear smart, determined and passionate. And he is..if not a bit psychotic.Demented is only a fraction of an accurate description. At times he's been labeled pyschotic but he isn't one for labels.. he's into detail. Cain craves power and it is a feeling that he gets from torturing animals. Control over another being gave him a sick and twisted pleasure. Cain cares not for life and in fact aims to destroy it . Aside from this demented side fo himself, he is rather social. Mostly because if he wasn't he couldn't find 'dirt' on those around him. He has associates rather than friends and though he hates to admit it, he is too paranoid and distrusting to allow anyone to get close.
Bio/History: When he was younger he loved to play outside. Though when other kids were throwing basketballs and kicking around a soccer ball..he was catching mice. Mice, rats and other sorts of small living creatures. Not for pets..but as experiments. From a young age he admired the sort of power he saw his father have when he would slaughter animals for the people to eat. The way the eyes would show such betrayal before rolling back in death. He loved it. As he grew he decided to learn all he could of such things and some he even invented. When his parents found out they forced him to turn his passions to something less demented. Science. Though they were soon to find out that it was exactly what Cain wanted. Science was his tool and his excuse to continue his demented hobbies...and now with this new lab experiment going on..he was free to do it with Government approval.
appearance: Neko Testing Picture
Neko Cain: Neko Testing Picture

Name: Jaemal Guntram
Age: 29
Role: Hybrid-Cat
Personality: n/a ( will edit)
Bio/History: As you can tell from the name, he is Cain's brother. Perhaps his life should be explained in more detail. His father was indeed the butcher from which Cain's love for murder was gained. His mother however, was a lovely Hispanic neko. Her name was Myki and she was a special neko, a Ryiral which is the neko that appears human. These nekos don't show their ears until they are 19. So when Kyon fell in love he assumed she was just as human as he was. Full blooded-American human. That night the twins were concieved. That's right. Cain and Jaemal. The boys were a year old before their mother's true identity was discovered. Kyon felt betrayed but worse was that his sons were half nothing. In anger he arranged Myki's 'tragedy'. Later when the boys were younger, their father remarried. This time to a seamstress. This might not explain why Cain has no recongition of his twin sibling. Simply because Jaemal had shown more neko personality than his brother, when Myki(when alive) realize this; she sent him to live with her adoptive mom. Who was also human-an artist. Thus Jaemal grew up in ignorance of his natural heritage.
Appearance: [img][/omg]

Name: Jezreil Guntram
Age: 46
Role: The demented Father of Cain/Jaemal
Personality: Control-freak and a recent insominac, Jezreil can't stand inferior or anyone he believes is beneath him. Critical and skeptic he doesn't believe in the word love, especially after the realization that he felt it for a creature. He's cruel but cruel with a criminal's mind and a serial killer's precision. Anything he does, he does for a reason and everything he says holds a deeper meaning. If he likes you it is because you are useful at that moment. He feels no family bonds and often proves it by shattering Cain's dreams each and everytime he strays. Jezreil likes to be dominant and that is why he keeps Cain under his watchful eyes.
Bio/History:At age fifteen he fell in love with a darker skinned beauty named Myki. She was tall with an athletic build and eyes that held him spell-bound. Every day he tried to win her heart but she gave him friendship. Slowly it became more. Jezreil courted her and in sense of the word, loved her. She was his and at this time in his life he thought of nothing else. Marriage was soon to come. It was a happy one and many congratulations were given. Blessings were showered on them both and while Myki blushed at the attention, Jezreil made sure it was never over done. Years passed to find her pregnant and expecting but during this time period other things were also happening. Rebel nekos were fighting back against the government's initial plan and attacking.In this attack, his parents were found dead. Innocents. A hatred for a species that had already been formed was growing stronger. During this time, suspicions about his wife grew. When the twins were born Jezreil felt little attachment and was prevented from contact with the newborns. Myki wasn't able to hold her human appearance and soon was found out. In a rage, Jezreil beat her and starved her. Once the realization that his children were tainted he came to the conclusion that he would erase what he started. Finding out, Myki fled with Jaemal ( she didn't have time to find Cain)to escape while Cain was left behind to endure. In the years to follow Jezreil trained, abused and harrassed Cain in hopes to destroy the neko mentality.

Name: Anouk
Age: 15
Role: Neko (Squirrel)
Appearance: Neko Testing Picture

Personality: Fragile, quite, used to hiding from people and so doesn't talk.
Biography: She was looked after by her aunt and uncle but was spotted while outside in the garden once, aged 13, she has been in captivity since. She gave up talking more than a year ago.

Name: Dr Eve Trueblack
Age: 29
Role: Scientist newly arrived at the facility
Appearance: Neko Testing Eva_green_necklace

Personality: Cold and Clinical. Eve likes to be in control and borders on OCD, she trusts only results that she herself has gathered and appears to have no compassion towards others, human or otherwise.
Bio: Born in Oxford, her father was a lecturer in genetics and her mother a doctor. From an early age Eve's parents pushed her to do 'well' in life and stressed that academic achievement was better than all else. To their delight Eve turned out to be incredibly gifted at science and maths and when on to become a doctor in both genetics and neuroscience. She met Mr Noirman at a scientific conference and he decided she was perfect for his facility.


Name: Rosalie Darkmoon
Age: 17
Role: Neko, black panther.
Personality: Sweet, gentle, quiet, and loving.
Bio/History: She was 16 and on her way to school one morning when her hair fell out of the pony tail that would hide her ears. She was captured quickly once one of the scientists henchmen saw her. She was kidnapped and has no family living in the village because she moved away from home the year before and has been in captivity for almost a year now.
Appearance:Neko Testing Neko1


Name:Lukas Colditz
Role:Mysterious traveler
Appearance: Neko Testing Assassinscreed2_2
Bio/History:Secretly an agent of the pandora organization,created to destroy all life Lukas was conditioned by the UN to kill beyond any reason.He murdered his friends,family,neighbours and gloried in it.After many years and countless executions...he finally broke free.Seeing as most of his mind was lost Lukas joined pandora and operates only in nearly suicidal missions.

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Neko Testing
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