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 Archive II - Number 13

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Archive II - Number 13 Empty
PostSubject: Archive II - Number 13   Archive II - Number 13 Empty6/18/2010, 10:56 am

Josephine sat in the lounge, reading something french with tiny print. She peered though the window, for once she had raised the blinds to make the place look a little more appealing, very soon her first ever tenants would be arriving.
She was already beginning to think that renting out all the rooms was a bad idea, who knows what kind of things you might get when you advertised where she had. But she needed the income and in truth the company. She had barley spoken to anyone since Daniel's death.

Angelus arrived at the house(it is a house right?) and knocked on the door. "This would be good for a change." he thought to himself.

Startled by the knock Josephine got up and walked out into the hall. Out of habit she looked through the peep hole before opening the door, even though she didn't know what her new tenants looked like. She opened the door.
"Good evening. You must be one of my new tenants."

"Yes, you must be Josephine." he said walking in.
"Yes I'm Josephine. I'm Guessing you must be either Angelus or Lexeaus, considering that you don't look like a Dominique or a Vasilisa. Come in, welcome to number 13."
She beckoned him through into the warm lounge. "Make yourself at home, there's just a few documents for you to sign and then I'll show you around. Would you like anything to drink? Tea? Coffee?"

"Thank you." he said stepping in "I'm Angelus." he said holding out his hand for her to shake
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Archive II - Number 13
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