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 The Butler In White

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The Butler In White
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The Butler In White

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Name (aliases and nicknames): Fatalis Jameson Niveus-Aquila. (White, Fata, Gunslinger, The Butler In White)

Bio: White, as he likes to be called, is a Seraph; one of the highest ranked angels that has a completely spiritual form and sits besides God's throne in heaven. However, White still has a body of flesh, this is because he is a young seraph; he is learning, gaining more experience before he joins the other seraph beside God. He is a very powerful angel, part of one of he 3 noble houses of Heaven.
He was born as the youngest in his family, with 6 older sister and an older brother. His father left when White was 9 but White's Mother proved more than capable. White's mother raised her children with tough love and because of that all of her children are tough both physically and mentally.

Appearance: White - as his name implies - has pale skin, snowy white hair which goes just to his shoulders, always wears white in varying shades and has metallic silvery eyes. This is due to his nature as a angel, he has an aura that filters light so that he appears this way. He is 6"4 in height and has a swimmer's build. He has an athletic body that is covered in scars most of which he has received through years of fighting. White wears a smart suit which also serves to hide his 6 wings which he folds up and keeps under the blazer of his suit. The suit also serves to hide a knife and a revolver that White always keeps with him. White is missing his left eye and has replaced it with an advanced cybernetic implant which he also hides with a eye-patch.

Powers: As an Seraph, White has a number of powers:

Contract of Fire - White has a contract with the spirit of fire, thus he can manipulate fire freely without needing to expend energy and make fire using his own energy. This is his central power and the most often used.
Super human strength/endurance/speed - this stems from both his upbringing and Divine Energy making his body much stronger
Minor Shape-shifting - White can change his shape in several animals: an eagle, a husky dog, a weasel, a tuna fish, a lion and a cat
Above Average Regeneration - White is able to heal injuries which would kill not only humans but most other angels as well
Heavenly Magic - using Divine Energy white can use divine magic which has a number of uses
Seraph Form - when he uses this, White's body becomes one made of fire instead of flesh and bone making him hard to hurt and much more powerful
Angelic Beasts - Angelic beasts are powerful monsters that embody God's wrath and anger, they live in a place in heaven where only they live and they can't be killed but they can be forced back into their homes. White is able to summon and partially direct them at his enemies but is often also attacked by them
Golden Gates - White can open up portals which can take him almost anywhere on Earth, Heaven or Hell.
The All Seeing Eye - This power is different from his other abilities because it is not angelic in origin. The eye allows him to see anything he wants to see, as he wants to see it. He can see through other people's eyes, see things millions of miles away and see specific things like weak points, nerves, specific people or whatever. He can't however see into other people's minds.

Skills: White has lived a long time and has picked up A LOT of skills and talents. His most prominent skill is his ability with firearms, able to hit targets most people could never hope to hit as well as also maintaining and modifying guns.
As for his other skills: cleaning, cooking, sewing, crafting, stealth, fencing, hunting, detective skills, interrogation, lock-picking, animal taming, mechanics, exorcism, pugilism and computer hacking

Weapons: White has experience with a lot of weapons but uses firearms as his main weapon.

The Valitrix - A large .45 calibre revolver. The barrel of the gun is quite large and has the image of a special woman in White's life - posing quite sexily - etched along the barrel. This is White's main weapon and personal favourite
The Ebur Crux - A large white and silver cross that weighs 2.5 tonnes and is a bit taller than White. The cross is actually a gun case that has been enchanted so that the inside of the gun case is larger than it appears from the outside, allowing him to store A LOT of guns. The section at the top contains ammo, the two side bars contain handguns and SMGs and finally the lower largest section contains rifles and shotguns and a couple of grenade launchers.

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The Butler In White
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