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 The Changes

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PostSubject: The Changes   3/20/2011, 12:40 pm

Last night several changes were made here

The new Admin is Azreal

The Mods are: Serenity, Xero, and Angelus(for the times being)

CB Mods are: Vassi, and Red Hood

Group names are as followed, but will be voted on:
Newborns: 0-50
Younglings: 51-100
Trainees: 101-150
Warriors: 151-200
Clan Leaders: 201-250
Elders(or Ancients): 250+

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PostSubject: Nothing from Nobody   3/20/2011, 7:00 pm

So: When I asked what was happening and no one wanted to give me a straight answer, it was because my title was being taken and no one wanted me to feel bad? That seems to be the only thing I can think it would be. Because I did ask what was going on. But I was not told. And I did ask if I was a 'nobody' and I was told I was going to remain a senior moderator. I did ask was a 'Senior moderator' and I was then told that it meant nothing and that the group was useless. I come back from lunch and I am a nobody. I have not real problem with being a nobody, except for the fact that I cannot figure out why I have been excluded from information from the beginning. I did ask why I was excluded from the polls and what that meant for me. I was told "I think you'll still be a moderator." I am nobody. Thank you for backhandedly going about things and making me feel like I am an unwanted troll.
I really do try to not get upset with things that go on around here, and in turn handle them from a level headed perspective. But I don't know what the flying fudge muffins is going on, or why, and when I do ask I'm not told. Nor are my suggestions taken to heart until after the fact and then dismissed. I am irritated. If someone can answer me in a mature manner, un-accusingly as it should be; I would greatly appreciate it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Changes   3/20/2011, 7:24 pm

Sorry Mansion. I'm not sure exactly why you were left off the polls, but I thought it was because we had planned to keep you a mod. Other than that I'm not exactly sure. I know that last night we were just trying to get things over with and stop the fighting. And I think your position in all of it got kinda lost. Xero and I will take the blame for forgetting because we were the ones trying to get things over with and it was in that that we forgot about poor old you.
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Admin Goddess of Guillotines, Death, and All Things Shiney

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PostSubject: Re: The Changes   3/20/2011, 11:21 pm

Mansion, you were left out of one poll because someone had said you were just remaining a mod, but the others were made while I was still under the assumption that mods were keeping their position unless promoted, so it made sense to only have you and I in the admin vote, as the others we were already at/above.
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PostSubject: Re: The Changes   

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The Changes
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