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 Yuki's pics

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Yuki's pics Empty
PostSubject: Yuki's pics   Yuki's pics Empty12/23/2010, 4:54 am

More art can be found here:
And I know I spelled Yukikazehayashi wrong

Not a very good artist. But I try.
More info about the picture or the story is in the link provided below its spoiler.
My scanner sucks and I have all the cheap art supplies and have no money for expensive artsy programs. So I'm working with what I got.

Here's a attempt at trying to draw something realistic:
This is Odelle from a story I haven't finished called Codelle.

PK Korea
Once again another illustration of a character.
This time its PK from Korea once again I'm still writing. But I just gave a summary of the story. This is the first time I drew a character in this position.

Utau WIP Lare as Black Swan Odile
Theres a lot to say about this pic so just go to the link:
As for Utau itself. Its a fanmade voice bank using an original voicebank and not a already made Vocaloid. Which is a singing synthesizer program that's gotten famous espically Miku.

Vocaloid Luka and Miku Magnet
This a shot taken from a fanmade Magnet animation I haven't finished. Magnet is a song about basically two girls that want to be together but can't because their love is "Forbidden".
Well I think that's what the song is about.

And lastly Yoruichi

Yoruichi Zanpakto and Kitty
Theres a story that goes with this..err summary. click on link

Yoruichi Yuki no Neko (Cat of Snow)
Theres a script that goes with this click on link.

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Yuki's pics
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