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 Angelus' Characters

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PostSubject: Angelus' Characters   Angelus' Characters Empty11/5/2010, 11:28 pm

Legend: Sorcerer of Blackwood

Name: Angelus Kakarrot

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Species: half human half vampire

Powers/abilities: sorcery, fire manipulation, has the powers of a vampire with out the weaknesses,

Appearance:Angelus' Characters 1249333478_5488_full

Weakness: always gives in to women

Personality: looks out only for himself, charming, like messing with humans but deep down has a sympathy for them

Bio: Born to a human father and a vampire mother, Angelus' parents knew he would be a outcast, and hunted down to be killed. That is what drove the mother's decision to flee after he was born. His father was a sorcerer of some power. He taught his son the arts of black magic. Soon after he turned 24 his father was found out and executed. He got away by claiming to not know anything of his father's witchcraft. He wanders around on his own now, doing what he pleases, when he pleases. He has a strong discontent with the current regime, hating the current royal family with a passion. He owns a house in the forests of Blackwood but is seldom there. The humans of Blackwood have try to kill him but with no success.

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Angelus' Characters
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