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 Ashen Archetypes

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PostSubject: Ashen Archetypes   Ashen Archetypes Empty12/22/2009, 3:51 pm

Thought I'd post a few of my archetypal characters here.

Also, this is Winter from the Nightfall forums.


Examples: Ember XA-5, Ashen Talon, Ashen Winter, Andrew Winter, Mason Redd
Defining characteristics: The Ashen Archetype is always someone with great incentive to be a monster/evil, but who instead opts to protect mankind from the shadows. Generally a loner and arrogant, believing himself to be above 90% of humanity.


Examples: Han Daichi, Lord Maldeus, Mason Silmoore, The Unspeakable One
Defining characteristics: The Maldeus Archetype has entirely given himself over to the darker forces of the world. Maldeus is in love with murder and suffering, and goes out of his way to inflict them both on anyone and everyone he can. The only people who could be considered safe from his sadistic wrath are those he considers to be worthy of serving him. His arrogance is extreme.


Examples: Angel XB-4, Kitsune, Sarah, The Angel
Defining characteristics: The Angel is someone extremely averse to killing and bloodshed, but who is forced to cause it anyway. She's a quietly traumatized character, who usually desperately reaches out for support from those around her.
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PostSubject: Re: Ashen Archetypes   Ashen Archetypes Empty12/23/2009, 4:19 pm

I see Ashen = Winter. Lol I thought it was Snit.

I have few favorite characters I might use again, here's a couple:

Vesper/Eve Trueblack
power-seeking manipulative and beautiful.

Frizz (Frances Marlow), Cassandra Mir
Unsure, rather shy. newcomer

Silver & Josephine
Parrallels of each other, look the same, slightly different pasts. Very different personalities.

Then of course... Annie. She will one day return.

Plus a lot more.
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Ashen Archetypes
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