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PostSubject: Re: NEXUS CORE [RP]   NEXUS CORE [RP] - Page 18 Empty8/11/2010, 7:56 pm

Vitahad goen through a realyl difficult proceedure as soemone that was working with her father at one points son was injured badly that they were very close to death. the heart had flatlined 2x adn the 3rd time was the charm that it kept beating. she had never lost a patient adn thiat wasn't going ot be the 1st time. "hang in there damn it! don't you ***** die on me!" she yelled in her frustration. it was after 7hrs that the surgery was over with that they were done. the patient had survived and was give na room to recover in. vita took herself a break in her office after cleaning up and drag 5 cans of siera mist an mt. dew.
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