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 Hollow Falls

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PostSubject: Hollow Falls   7/27/2010, 2:22 pm

If not understand anything just read the story fromthe story section what doesn't make sense just msg me an will pm
Girl of Grey: The Beast in Chains\

AEONE[13th child of royal family| Villan/Heroine]
VICTOR[King/Leader of caravan]
MARINA=Charmy[old gypsy woman/elder]

Age Limitations Brat > Old Folgy
The line up is from Oldest to youngest.
[24]Xavier,Georgie (Twins)
[23]Marcus,Jessica,Lucus (Triplets)
[21]Nicole(Nicki) [Lover = Terrance]
[Pik age for urself] Oracle [See Future]
Quote :
RULE:: "you know the basic rules, so should know already"
(Haven't picked a age for the guards so...can make one up if feel.)

Royal Guard Captain Angelous
Royal Guard LT.

None of the humans have any powers at all. The closest thing to having powers is the nuns,monks and preist of a convent order.

If you know any other type of angel or demon then please. just pm me orpost it here and i'll see whether or not ot accept it.

Vampires are consider demons/Angel but will be allowed 1-2 powers/abilities.

Angels have their abilities/powers in Blue.
Demons have their's in Red.


Race: Human
Age: 17
Appearance:her dress that stopped abit paset her knees, two straps that kept it up. a red ribbon tied it with a bow to the back. a bracelet of silver with nature likeness engraved in it. and a necklace of silver around her neck as wel, flat shoes. her eyes dull they were grew as if lifeless. to her family she was a doll. Had short black hair, pale dakr skin tone. she didn't even seem to be real occasionally but more of a ghost or dark spirit. she was 5ft 7. [/td][/tr]Ability: None right Now
Power: None Right now
Role: -Unknown -
Bio: Aeone is the 13th child of the Valentine family, [/td][/tr][/table][/center]

Catalsyt: Something that initiates or causes an important event to happen. Originally a term used in chemistry for the volatile (active) chemical in a formula. something that causes activity between two or more persons or forces without itself being affected.

Villan: insane, worrd-dominatrix stupid
Hero: heroism complex wantign to save people, wanting acceptance

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PostSubject: Re: Hollow Falls   7/28/2010, 12:42 am

Race: Vampire
Age: 1344
Role: Royal Guard Captain
Bio: Angelus
had came from another country. Protecting one of the royal family. The Lord
gave favor upon him seeing fighting skills. going from soldier to a
higher ranking captain. He is one of the most trusted officers within the
castle and outside
of it. Not much is know about his past.

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RPH Master Of her Own Language.

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PostSubject: Re: Hollow Falls   8/16/2010, 8:29 am

Catalyst Info

In hollow falls has been some mysterious things that had started happening ot the faimly that had never made much sense. the royal family spent their years trying to survive against the youngesto f the family [AEONE] who they all believe to be curropted and evil child. yet the parents were unable to ever kill her. evne tryed to listen ot the preist father MC Clain. But he was murdered by someone or something. And all eyes and figners were pointed at the one child that rarely spoke or showed emotion. She'd tryed killing her brothers adn sisters before when they annoyed her.

The Guards odf the castle won't even go near her. Father secretly wanting her dead the mother losing her sanity trying to kepe the family together from their not being a crazy blood sheded war. Havign words of revolt people of the city have evne see her look of her be that of a doll, but the eyes be that of ad emon. No way of ever telling. this girl be realyl a demon or just out of paranoia for the crap thats gone on.
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PostSubject: Re: Hollow Falls   

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Hollow Falls
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