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Thinks RPH is there mother
Thinks RPH is there mother

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Samera Empty
PostSubject: Samera   Samera Empty7/27/2010, 1:23 am

Age: 18.
Race: Human.
Occupation: Student.
Status: Single.
Sister to: Sabrina, Jacob, Shane and Maranda Yukata.
Nickname: Sam, Sammy, Era, Mera, Mer.
The Unknown Innocence.

[?]Born into a family of wealth and violence, Samera is quite the opposite to her family, who are a bunch of Mafia Gangsters. When Sam was five, her mother was shot down in their own home, in-front of her and her four other siblings. What was worse was ;; it was their own father. They never convicted him, though, Samera was the only one who up and offered to testify. However, due to her being such a young age, her fathers attorney managed to call it off, thus ending the case against him. Samera was badly beaten by her brother who was 8, a few years older then herself. He had been ordered by their father to do it, as he was too chicken to do it himself in fear of being charged yet again, so instead corrupted the once sweet Jacob. Samera grew up with scars that made her remember what a bastard her father was, and grew up to watch her brothers Jacob and Shane become part of the Mafia family. Her older sister Maranda was literally sold to another Mafia family to keep the peace ;; this depressed Sam as Maranda had been not only her sister, but her best friend. Being a disappointment to her father, she was demanded to marry a boy at the age of 14, however when she refused she was scent to the mental institution for absolutely no reason. Her father had ties there. She was electrified, put on drugs that turned her into an utter zombie, beaten -- and not just by fists or hands, but with objects such as chairs, table legs, and so fourth. This was all in attempt to make Samera see her sick minded fathers ways, still, she refused to be like them. At the age of 18 Samera finally managed to get away. They had put bars on her windows to purposely keep her from leaving, and even put a lock on her door. He wanted her to be the "family slut" so he called it, Maranda was just too good for that. Her father told her she was nothing but a useless brat who deserved her beatings, who was good for nothing but being the family slut and getting them deals with other Mafia families. One night her father got beyond drunk and locking her bedroom door had completely slipped his mind. Taking this as a chance, Samera packed her bags and dragged them down the stairs as her father was passed out in his bedroom. However, her brother Shane caught her, and brutally beat her down. Shane was sick in the head just like their father, and he wasn't all the way there. Crazy, is a better word. Not only did he brutally beat her down, but he brutally raped her. Well, half-way raped. He was only half way through when Jacob came down the stairs after hearing her muffled yells and cries of pain. Jacob was not like his brother or father, even though he had beaten her as a child just that one time, he still felt close to Samera, she was the only one who understood him. So Jacob pulled Shane off, and then proceeded to beat him to a bloody pulp before helping Samera escape the horrible life her father had given her. Now, Samera lives on her own in her own little apartment and loves it. She however wonders what happened to Jacob after that, and still to this day is guilty about just leaving him to the wrath of their father. Sabrina was born to her father and a different woman, after she managed to escape the life of hell. Samera is currently attending college and taking courses for nurse care and daycare. She loves working with children, and works on Wednesdays after classes, and on weekends, at a local daycare. Also, Samera is now taking care of a little 5 year old child named Annie, the girl's parents were murdered by a group of random hunters, her parents were angels. Thus, making her unwanted every-where she went, so Sam took it upon herself to take the child in as her own.[?]
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