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 Kingdoms at war-the red zone

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Kingdoms at war-the red zone Empty
PostSubject: Kingdoms at war-the red zone   Kingdoms at war-the red zone Empty12/1/2009, 12:10 pm

There has been lots of arguing between the kingdoms these years,But a few years after war was declared,However the princesses,princes,maids and all the people except the king and queen are friends they are trying to stop this war but this made things tight
The kings and queens of each kingdom will not listen to there children,But things now are getting suspicious,The sky keeps turning red and people are dispersing into mid air,The princes and princesses are now trying to stop both the war and there trying to get rid of the red zone.
The kings and queens don't believe what there children say

How will they get there parents to believe them? will the war stop? Will the red zone dissapear? It will all happen in this rp[/color] Very Happy
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Kingdoms at war-the red zone
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