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 Closet Space

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PostSubject: Closet Space   Closet Space Empty7/3/2010, 9:59 pm


Things are never what they seem in a life that is always fighting for balance. Life here is a tittering scale it takes only one moment to send everything flying. For these six kids, that moment might be closer than they think. Welcome to Hawkthorne valley, a rich residental area for the well off. It is here that people assumes happiness is where impression and reputation makes or breaks you. For the Hawkthorne residents it is all about the impression but the lies get harder to weave when they make you someone else. Being you is a difficult thing but now they need to make a decision. It's time to clear some closet space.

Prolouge end

RULES: ( yeah, every rp has'm these are my commandments!)

o1. There is to be no godmodding, autohitting, spam posting, ect.

o2. Use your common sense, please? You'd be surprised at how many people do not even think to use this. A good example of this is that normal people cannot jump off of ten story buildings and survive.

o3. Literacy. This means full length sentences and at least one paragraph. Spelling and proper grammar is also a must. No one liners are acceptable.

o4. Please be respectful; if you're racist, sexist, homophobic, a troll - please save us the trouble and go report yourself.

o5. PM all profiles to me under the title, 'Skeletons'. This is not to ensure that you read the rules (although it's better if you did) but to keep things organized for myself.

o6. Pg-14 folks. I'm not getting banned for this RP and I'm almost positive you don't want to either. If you must take things to the bedroom, in real life - take it off rollplayhaven.

o7. Don't just join, post once and then leave. This is a long term rp. If you will be gone for a while let me know, otherwise your character will probably die off.

Alright so here's a bit of complicated info.

Guy A (taken by--)- He is a son of a rich lawyer and because of his charms and his money girls love him. he's the perfect guy..or at least he would be if his eye wasn't on a certain male. Guy A fears losing his friends and the good opinion of his father should anyone ever find out..

Guy B (taken by--)- He's a loner and doesn't understand a lot of people. Not rich, he stands out in the crowd enough. As if that wasn't worse enough, he cant seem to find a stable relationship. Coming from several abusing relationships he is starting to think about giving up the whole dating scene. Guy B is quiet and shy

Guy C ( taken by--)- He is crushing hard for his best friend for several years Guy A. For him, he has the whole self confidence thing going on but when it comes to Guy A he loses everything. Guy C's secret crush is only known by Girl B because they are 'going out' to keep people from getting suspicious

Girl A (taken by--)- she is a bubbly friendly sort of girl that can't help but be charmed with the wit of Guy A..unfortunately she is already dating Guy B who she thinks is also charming. Torn between the two she isn't sure if the guy she's with is who she loves.. Friends with Girl C not with Girl B

Girl B(taken by--)- Spunky tough, she is a rebel. At least this is how she appears. Inside she's extremely insecure which leads her to act a bit bitchy in order to maintain that wanted status. However she'd trade all that away if Girl C would acknowledge her existence. Friends with girl A but on a fake 'hate' relationship with Girl C

Girl C(taken by--)- She is a blunt drama queen who enjoys the limelight. Wanting to be an actor she throws herself into all the activities. Despite that she is also funny and makes friends easily. That is , except for girl B. She dislikes her and because she thinks Girl B is hitting on Guy C.

_feel free to add on but this is the outline for the characters_

name First middle initial Last
Age (16-19)
Character ( Put guy/girl a,b or c here )
Apperance (no big pics..or tiny ones please)
Job title- shows how rich your character's familyis (mostly only one parent is making bucks)
I hate![i]-ten things your character hates
[i]I want!
-ten things your character loves
So Hot! who they love
Labels:- Personality. I gave you guys a bit of info this is where you put a bit of spice into it. Have fun.
Reality Check-Bio. I want a good 2 paragraphs and please use good grammar.
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Closet Space
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