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 The Academy of angels

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PostSubject: Re: The Academy of angels   6/20/2010, 7:13 pm

Name: Castinel

Age: 17

Species: Angel


Personality: Pretty optimistic at times, always looking to make someone laugh. Loves to be a flirt, mostly with either other guards or the teachers.

History: Castinel had been raised with in the wall of this very school, where he not only learned the value of an education, but how to control the powers that made him who he is. While going quickly through the motions of school, he found an interest in the organization known as the Seraph, thinking it was the best thing for him. The seraph had been considered his families business, or atleast all of the males. Each male in his family had all risen in the ranks of the seraph, each commanding their own group in different sections of the world. Of course neither had grown to the highest rank within the organization, his father believed that Castinel had what it took.

Power: Control over explosives and flames.

Weaknesses: Sometimes under judges and opponent and may rush into battle with an ignorant mind.

Classes: Seraph guard
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PostSubject: Re: The Academy of angels   6/21/2010, 2:26 am

Good... but LV any chance of a smaller picture and what was all that about dying in pompeii?
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The Academy of angels
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